Our Story

Hey Folks,

If you’re here, you probably want to learn more about Bonfolk, and I’m excited to share a bit of our story with you! 

My name is Janna, owner of Bonfolk. Being a NOLA native, I design our socks by pulling inspiration from the Southern U.S. and other fun things we know our customers love. All original designs, from Crawfish to Pot-holes and Fried Chicken to Jazz.

Bonfolk, By the Numbers

7: Years we’ve been in business. I attended The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. After graduation, I lived in Downtown L.A. and would drive through Skid Row every morning on my way to work, passing hundreds of homeless people, wondering how I could help. It was around that time I learned from community members that socks were the #1 requested, but least donated, items at shelters.

In 2015, on a trip home to visit my family, I realized that I could use my design skills to create a brand that would bring the community together and help mitigate the lack of socks for nonprofits. I promptly quit my job in L.A., and my husband Tim and I moved to New Orleans to officially launch the company. 

8: Generations of New Orleanians in my family. I love my hometown fiercely, and I knew without a doubt that this is where I wanted to start our give back mission and build our headquarters.

700,000: Number of socks we’ve donated so far! Each month, we partner with a different non-profits across the country.

1: Babies on staff. In 2019,  we welcomed baby Eloise to our family, the youngest Bonfolk employee to date! I’m also happy to report that inspired by Eloise, Bonfolk now sells and donates 3 sizes of socks for children.


 We appreciate your support as we continue to expand and look forward to growing with you! 

Janna Hart Black