Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO)

The Innocence Project has been making waves in the media recently with their amazing work in exonerating and releasing innocent prisoners from jail. We were lucky enough to partner for a donation with them for their Fall Fundraiser for those in need. 

The Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO) is a founding member of the Innocence Network, a group of affiliated organizations dedicated to offering pro bono legal work to individuals seeking to prove their innocence in crimes for which they have been convicted. Not only does IPNO help exonerate...

Harry Tompson Center

The Harry Tompson Center is a day shelter in New Orleans that provides services such as employment assistance, housing, counseling and treatment for those struggling with chronic homelessness. Every Thursday, the good folks at HTC hand out socks to those in need because they are so highly requested. "We always need more socks, and Bonfolk socks are very popular with our guests because they are so great," says Regi Reyes, assistant public relations coordinator. We are so grateful for all that you do, HTC!

New Orleans Mission

As one of the largest homeless shelters in the Gulf South, the New Orleans Mission is always in need of donations for those facing homelessness, addiction, human trafficking, or even abuse. Each guest is assessed in order to determine their individual needs, with services ranging from shelter, health counseling, GED classes, and resume building. Staff and volunteers are committed to assisting through various areas such as spiritual guidance, financial management, and substance addiction.

Here at Bonfolk, we resonate strongly with their motto, “Serving is a Privilege.” We...

Travelers Aid Society


The holiday season is in full swing and here at Bonfolk, we have much to be thankful for! Our donation socks are in the hands of good folks at the Travelers Aid Society for their annual Christmas party in support of the hundreds of people experiencing homelessness. This inspiring event offers attendees a warm meal, recreational activities, and a chance to spend the holidays with people who care about them. Brittany Garrison, an intern at Travelers Aid, says "we want to ensure no one is hungry or alone during the holidays."

Travelers Aid is helping...

Saint Pauls

We were lucky enough to partner with Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church on Canal St. in New Orleans for their Blessing Bag drive. "The number one item needed is socks,” said Captain “Beau” Wasson, a parishioner who picked up the donation at our offices. Blessing bags contain essential items for those in need, such as toiletries, undergarments, and socks. The drive lifts up holiday spirits by enabling parishioners to give back to the community they love. Thanks for including us in your Blessing Bags,...